Our endeavor is to make education a happy learning experience which would enable the child to :

Do more than hear- LISTEN 
Do more than touch – FEEL
Do more than look- OBSERVE
Do more than read- ABSORB
Do more than hear- LISTEN
Do more than listen – UNDERSTAND
Do more than exist- LIVE


Eicher creates an ethical and effective learning environment. It promotes learning not just as a tool to earn, but as an innate desire to explore the world, its people and oneself. It endeavours to inspire inquisitiveness which will gradually unfold the myriad mysteries of man and universe to the seeking young minds. This will make life itself a fulfilling and joyous journey.

The teachers and students are co-travellers in this journey thus making it stress and fear free. It builds a culture where ignorance does not mean embarrassment and knowledge does not mean vanity. Education leads to humility and humility leads to wisdom.

True to our motto - Vidya-Vinay-Vivek.

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 Entrance Exam Syllabus for classes III-IX

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This is to inform you that Haryana Government has announced the minority scholarship scheme. Incase, you are eligible to apply kindly check the following link www.scholarship.gov.in


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