…the journey begins

Aahvaan is an environment initiative by the students of Eicher School, Faridabad, wherein all schools in the NCR are invited to take up projects that have a concrete impact on the environment.

‘Small Steps Leading to

Big Change’

The event kick started in November 2015 with the conception of the idea that children across have the power within them to bring about change. It is a call to all the young people of the city to initiate good environmental practices. It involves studying the present state of affairs in their schools and homes, imagining how things could change for the better and consequently modifying their own habits and also influencing society in the process.



The issues our environment faces are not alien to us. Ever since the better half of the twentieth century, they have featured at the heart of conferences and summits. We have dreamed, we have deliberated and we have debated, but we have never moved beyond symbolism. Our fields are dying; our water resources are dirtier than ever; the very air we breathe threatens to kill us, and all the while… we remain stoical.


 Long have we talked of change, it is now time to BE the change.


 “It is the only earth we have…” With this thought in our mind and a fire in our heart, we have set out to spark the fuels of creativity and innovation that run in the veins of today's generation and lead our Mother Earth back from the precipice it stands on. It gives us immense pleasure to present ‘Aahvaan-The Journey Begins’, something we dreamed of, and a dream we are now set to realize. 

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