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Extra-curricular activities form an integral part of Eicher School, Faridabad.  The school provides  various  Hobby Clubs  that serve as a platform for students to nurture their passion and hone their skills .Under the guidance  of able teachers, students go through a wide spectrum of activities .

Though  students can choose their club, they are motivated to go through most of the activities so that they not only identify their passion but over a span of four to five years also learn different things.

Hobby clubs are held every Monday  from April to December.

The list of clubs  for the session 2017-18 are as follows:


S.No. Club Incharge Venue
1 Fabric painting   Ms Alka & Ms Neerja 3D & 3C
2 Craft Ms Sunita & Ms Kajal Art Room
3 Salads Ms Salees & Ms Rita 6A & 6B
4 Music Ms Preeti & Mr Pearson Music Room
5 Western Dance Mr Sahil & Ms Meenakshi Nayar Dance Room
6 Classical Dance Ms Shramishta & Ms Geetika Dance Room
7 Tabla Mr Sanat & Ms Jyoti Tabla Room
8 Public Speaking Ms Nidhi & Ms Priyanshu 4B & 4D
9 Dramatics & Literary Club Ms Meenakshi Uppal & Ms Leena 4C & 4A
10 Animation & Graphics  Ms Taruna & Ms Neeti Computer Lab
11 Paper Making Ms Trisha 5A
12 Embroidery Ms Eisha & Ms Ritu Gulati 5C & 5D
13 Astronomy Ms Saroj & Ms Renuka Science AV Room

VII - X 

  2 Public Speaking (Hindi/English) Ms. Ankita & 8-A
  3 Drama(Hindi/English) Ms. M. Ghosh & 10-A
  4 Movie &Cartoon Making Ms. Vineeta & Mr Sandeep Comp.Lab
  5 Baking and exotic  food R.P. & Ms. Archana HOME SCIENCE LAB
  6 Classical dance Ms. Sharmishtha & Dance Room
  7 Classical music Ms. Preeti   & Music   Room
  8 Western dance Mr. Sahil &  Western Dance Room
  9 Band Mr.Sannat  &   R.P. Tabla Room
  10 Sculptor-Clay Modelling Mr. Arvind  &  Mr. Chouhan Art Room
  11 Embroidery/Fabric Painted Ms. Rimple  &  9-C
  12  Hand –made paper making  Ms. Aparna , Ms Trisha &  Art Room
  13 Photography Mr Deepak and R.P  8-D
  14 Astronomy(Paid) Ms Jyoti Ms Gagandeep &R.P. A.V.Room
  15 Robotics( paid)   PHYSICS LAB
  16 Guitar/ Flute New T & Mr. Manoj Guitar Room
  17 Art and craft Ms Kajal and Ms Kusum Art room


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