• To enable each child to perform individual /group tasks
  • To encourage both competition and cooperation.
  • To train children for responsibility and leadership.
  • To inspire critical and independent thinking.
  • To encourage experimentation and hands on experience.


    • Syllabus prescribed by the CBSE is followed through NCERT books and is supplemented by the assignments designed by our teachers.
    • Active vocabulary program is taken up in all classes to enrich expression and language.
    • Following competitive exams are taken up to motivate students for academic excellence.
      •          Spell Vocab Challenger Test.
      •          NTSE (Class X)
      •          Olympiad Exam
      •          Aryabhatta (Class VIII)


      • Sports: Students are trained at this level so as to follow individual fitness programme.They are trained to play  at least one individual game and one team game. 
      • Clubs: A spectrum of 16 clubs provides the student an opportunity to pursue a club of his/her choice.

      Special features

      • Life skill: Basics of cooking with/without fire, plumbing, electrical repairs, needle work, first aid ...... is taught to make them self reliant and independent as far as their day to day needs are concerned.
      • Career counseling: Career counseling and awareness about conventional and non conventional options is facilitated. Ex-Eicherites are invited to give a talk on the career that they have chosen.
      • Aptitude test: Aptitude tests are conducted to help the children in understanding and getting an insight into their aptitude/potential/interest.
      • Online Parent Portal: Attendance of the students, home work and class work is shared with the parents online on daily basis.


      • Besides the CBSE recommended assessment pattern of the scholastic and non-scholastic areas the school has an indeginous Assessment Program designed by the school teachers for English, Mathematics and Science.
      • A detailed report of scholastic and co-scholastic areas is discussed and handed over to parents at the end of each semester. Marks grades and descriptive indicators are used . Students also do self-evaluation which forms an important part of the report card.