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Eicher School is a proud recipient of the prestigious INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL AWARD for 2015-18. We were awarded by British Council, Government of UK for designing, developing and inculcating an international dimension in the school curriculum. This was incorporated with an intention of enabling its students to understand and appreciate different cultures abroad and facilitate their integration as global citizens, Eicher School, once again this year has joined the International School Awards programme.

In pursuance of this project, students of all classes will be  involved  in executing projects  that require certain parameters to be met. Students will be involved in certain activities apart from the school curriculum and the project will continue through out this academic year.

The International School Award (ISA) is a benchmarking scheme that accredits schools as having an outstanding level of support for:

        ·         nurturing global citizenship in young people

        ·         enriching teaching and learning


The students of classes 1 and 2 will be engaged in the ISA Project of 'Celebrating Seasons'. This project will introduce students to the characteristics of changing seasons and will allow them to explore how it effects our food habits, lifestyle, clothing, festivals, flora and fauna. Students will further enhance their knowledge at a global level by collaborating with partner schools in Australia and Finland on the same topics. We will be initiating a plethora of activities as approved by the British Council, like visiting local markets and farms to explore seasonal fruits and vegetables, collage making and treasure chest full of seasonal things, just to name a few. Students will learn to appreciate change in nature and respect the demands of the environment, in their own country as well as in other continents. The students will soon be bustling with excitement, zeal and zest, working in unison with the other two wings of the school to achieve our objective to be the proud recipients of the International School Award, once again.

FIESTAS around the world

As a part of British Council Project, students of classes III and IV are participating in the project named ‘Fiestas around the world’. The main focus of this project is to study about the festivals of light and harvest of four countries namely,

India ( Asia), USA ( North America) , Spain ( Europe)and Dubai(Asia).

Through this project the students will get an insight into how these festivals celebrated,the special arrangements done during the festivals, special attire, special cuisine etc and compare them with the festivals of our own country. The project will also help students  to appreciate the fact that every culture has its own traditions and reasons to celebrate festivals.


The students of classes 5 and 6 will be engaged in the ISA Project of "Aavahan...A stepping stone to waste management". The project aims at sensitizing students about the importance of proper waste management. The students will learn, practice and create awareness about the proper waste management techniques of six different types of wastes: Biodegradable waste, Non-biodegradable waste, clinical waste, agricultural waste, chemical waste and e-waste. They will further enrich themselves by studying waste management techniques in the countries Sweden, Dubai and Singapore. A host of activities will take place such as Recess duty, Poster making competition, Slogan writing competition, Best out of waste, etc. They will visit the Apartments in vicinity, parks and hospitals to collect information and generate awareness. A visit to related embassies will help them as well. They will share the information with partner schools at a global level. This project will enlighten the children about how to make the society a better place to live in. They will start from their school only and further extend their thoughts at a global level.

Medicinal plants

As a part of British Council Project, students of class VII are participating in the project named ‘Medicinal Plants’. The main focus of this project is to   the traditional knowledge on the use of plants in health care of four countries namely, India ( Asia), China ,  Tibet, Dubai.

In this project the students will be able to Study about  medicinal plants grown in different regions of  India. Comparative study of medicinal plants with partner countries- Tibet, China. That will be able to prepare few herbal medicines and understanding  the traditional methods involved in treatment by the  partner countries


The project chosen for class VIII is Mining. It is practised in various parts of the world including India, South Africa and Saudi Arabia. Students will explore and research about the geological aspects/ conditions of these three countries; the techniques used for mining and the health hazards and safety measures employed in mining. In the process, the students will acquire communication skills, time management , team work  and  also learn the usage of technology for various purposes.

Global Parliament

The project  chosen for  IX is Global Parliament .Students will understand the working of the Indian Parliament . They will also collaborate with schools abroad especially UK and US and gain first hand knowledge about the working of the parliament there. In the process they will acquire soft skills like handling technology, communication skills, team work and collaborative learning. They will also develop a positive attitude towards  the   working of the government and understand that  as a citizen fundamental duties are far more important than fundamental rights.

Impact of Political System on Infrastructure

As a part of ISA Project, students of class XI are participating in the project named -

"Impact of political system on Infrastructure"The main focus of this project is to study the impact of diversified political system on the overall infrastructure of India, Japan, and UAE. In this project, students will be able to study, analyse and compare mainly social and economic infrastructure on the following broad parameters - 

''Health, Transport, Banking, Communication and Power"

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